The interior regions of Portugal’s western Algarve and Alentejo with their wide open landscapes, offer breathtaking night skies over 200 nights per year. Don’t wait to book your astronomy holiday with Céus do Sul!

Hello and thank you for your interest in my website! My name is David Mathei and I have spent all my life stargazing, first with my own eyes, then through binoculars, and finally with telescopes of all varieties. Appreciation for the sky with all its complexities, cannot be complete without knowing a little about the objects in it. My goal is to bring you under the stars to have you see and understand what makes our Universe tick!

Night stargazing is deeply satisfying in itself, but doing so in a group, having the ability to share observations and answer questions, makes it even more special.

In 2017, the idea was born to transport a collection of telescopes to locations where the sky can be clearly distinguishable, and share these scenes with others interested in stargazing, new and experienced alike.

Over the years I have accumulated a variety of optics, binoculars for spectacular wide-field viewing of the Milky Way, large mirror and lens telescopes that let you discover distant objects in our galaxy as well as surface details on the planets and the moon. There is also a video astronomy set up, where details otherwise not visible to the human eye can be presented to larger groups.

This is how you can meet Céus do Sul:

  • Join us by choosing one of the upcoming events from our agenda or follow us on twitter or facebook. For some sessions we organise bus transport from central points (Lagos, Silves).
  • Phone or email us to make a date for one of our tours that suits your vacation plans.
  • We’re happy to accommodate your private occasions or company events.

You can contact us at:

(+351) 924.222.149